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Move-In // Move-Out


Express Cleaning knows that moving can be time consuming and overwhelming. Our Move In // Move Out services will help you tackle this task. If you are a homeowner or realtor trying to sell or lease a home, this service option will ensure your home is picture perfect for your potential buyers.

Express Cleaning will provide the following Move In // Move Out services:

  • Clean & Disinfect Toilets, Tubs & Showers
  • Clean & Sanitize Sinks
  • Clean & Sanitize Sinks & Counters
  • Clean All Cabinets & Pantry (in/out)
  • Clean Exterior of Appliances
  • Clean Inside Microwave
  • Clean Light Switches
  • Clean Mirrors & Polish Chrome
  • Deep Clean Oven & Stove (in/out)
  • Deep Clean Refrigerator (in/out)
  • Dust Baseboards
  • Dust Ceiling Fans
  • Dust Mini Blinds
  • Dust Window Sills, Ledges & Wall Hangings
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Remove leftover debris
  • Sweep & Mop floors
  • Vacuum Carpeting
  • Wipe Down Cabinets

If you have a question about our services please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just complete a no-obligation estimate request form or contact us by email or call us at (678) 210 7746.